Arctic Sea Ice: Catastrophe? Or Cash Cow?

Arctic sea ice is "Ground Zero" for Global Warming Inc. Every Starbucks warrior "knows" global warming melted the arctic sea ice. Unfortunately, that darn sea ice keeps hanging around. Worse, US Navy subs patrol the North Pole & regularly do photo-shoots with ice-free sea all around... 60 years ago even.  Sea-ice ebbs & flows with nature, as evidence shows. But there's no money in ebbing & flowing. Catastrophe = Clear & Present Danger = money. No catastrophe = No money. Thus any research contradicting catastrophe is crushed quickly by Global Warming Inc. & their groupies.

1959: North Pole
US Navy proudly shows it can patrol the North Pole. We are just interested in the sea ice, or lack of it. It's clear almost 60 years ago there was less ice. Also pretty clear CO2 had nothing to do with it.
1987: North Pole 
Again US Navy showing off. Notice sea ice is patchy, certainly not thick, nor absent. It's clear 30 years ago arctic sea ice may have increased, or might just vary naturally. It's middle of May, almost summer.
2017: North Pole 
July this year. Arctic Sea ice covering almost the whole Arctic Ocean in summer. CO2 is increasing; Arctic Sea ice also increasing. So there's good correlation increasing CO2 causes sea ice to increase? Nothing ironic there.  This is why theories have to work in reality, not on Powerpoint presentations.