Sea level is the icing on the Carbon Dioxide Cake. Before looking, we should all see rising sea level & trends spiking upwards after 1945 (man's extra CO2 input), right? Nature is such a party pooper.
Message to Starbucks Warriors: You order a glass of ice tea, and put ice cubes in till it just about over-flows. When the ice melts, does your ice tea overflow? So, now what about melting arctic sea ice? Does it raise ocean level? 

Arctic Sea Levels: Man's Work? Or Snow Job?

7 inches (180 mm) each century is normal sea level rise. Experts figure this is normal warming of oceans after Little Ice Age (1300-1870) which is causing expansion of water.

(1) Sea level rises because oceans are warming after the Little Ice Age (1300-1870): thermodynamic expansion

(2) We should see sea level trends reacting after 1945, due to Global Warming Theory: "Man's extra input of CO2 into atmosphere causes extra warming." 

(3) Arctic Sea level is mainly dropping! 

(4) No station shows unusual sea level rise, including New York 

(5) The arctic land mass is rising due to post-glacial rebound (land was squashed for 100,000 years by mile-high glaciers). Now land is rebounding. 

(6) Nothing catastrophic, or even interesting (except how sea level is dropping!) observed in all stations

(7) Melting polar ice caps? Catastrophic flooding? Bigfoot had better evidence.